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Date of birth:
17 Jan 1981



Other bands played in:
Hate Project, Synthesis

Orange Thunderverb 200w head

Peavey 4×12 cabinet

Gibson les paul standard

Gibson les paul classic

Tc electronics g-major

Behringer midi foot controller

Ibanez lu20sl tuner

Rocktron hush super c rack noise gate

In ear monitor Ld systems mei 100

M-audio pro reference earphones

Other bands / Side projects:
The Traveller

Favourite NahemaH song:
The trip or The perfect depth of the mermaids

Best NahemaH gig so far:
Progpower 2009

Musical influences:
Post rock, Gothic, Metal, Thrash metal, Industrial, Alternative rock, Hard rock…

Musical idols:
Marty Friedman, Billy Howerdell, Greg Mackintosh, Dave Mustaine, Dimebag…

Favorite non-NahemaH album:
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for destruction
Megadeth – Youthanasia
Pantera – Vulgar display of power
Anathema – Judgement
Metallica first 5 albums…
Paradise Lost – Draconian times

Favorite films:
Bram stoker’s dracula
Lord of the rings
Charlie and the chocolate factory
The crow
Tenacious D in the pick of destiny

Favourite book:
Vlad tepes
Guitar magazines

Computer, Internet, Videogames, Sports (specially Soccer), guitars and musical equipment, recording and musical production, mithology, movies…

Favorite food:

Favorite drinks:
Vodka, tea, Pepsi with lemon, orange juice, horchata and milk.

Favorite country:
Netherlands or Germany

Things to do on tours when not playing:
Talk with new people, eat different food, enjoy the places and the landscapes…

What makes you angry?
Violence, people without respect, the lies and things like that…

Which song do you want to be played at you funeral?
Paradise city – Guns N’ Roses



Playlist (November ‘09):
Muse – The resistance
Paradise Lost – Faith divide us, death unite us
Megadeth – Endgame
NIN – With teeth